Our Track Record

A track record of more than 100,000 cumulative units of the electricity storage systems shipped with no serious incidents caused by batteries *1

*1 As of June 2024

The risks posed by lithium-ion batteries due to their high capacity

The electricity storage systems offered by ELIIY Power are renowned for their high levels of safety and reliability, and are the go-to choice for home use, as well as various industries including security, communications, hospitals, welfare facilities, government offices and mobile applications. We believe this is in recognition of the safety record we have maintained since our founding: no serious incidents caused by batteries.

Small lithium-ion batteries are widely used in smartphones, PCs and tablet devices. They are known for their lightweight, high-capacity qualities and in recent years have even started to be used in electric vehicles. But as frequent news reports show, there are concerns regarding their safety due to cases of batteries starting to smoke or ignite during use.

Achieving high levels of safety

From our homes to companies, facilities and social infrastructure, batteries are used in every facet of our modern lives. In keeping with its philosophy that the battery itself must be safe, ELIIY Power pursues development by first placing the highest priority on safety.

Our electricity storage systems are equipped with battery cells produced by our plants in Japan and pass stringent safety standards ensuring they will not smoke or catch fire even when punctured with a nail, crushed or overcharged. These features prevent secondary damage due to natural disasters or other unexpected accidents.

The leading seller of compact electricity storage systems

ELIILY Power's electricity storage systems have become the best-selling provider of compact energy storage systems to home builders*2.

*2: For the POWER YIILE 3 product according to the "Future Outlook for Energy, Large Secondary Batteries and Materials 2019" by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. (2018 results for compact electricity storage systems).

Delivery Record

The following section introduces some of the electricity storage system deliveries made by ELIIY Power.

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.

A press release concerning the adoption of POWER YIILE 3 in Daiwa House rental homes was published.

Secom Co. Ltd.

A press release concerning accreditation under SECOM quality standards was published.

NTT Docomo, Inc.

A press release concerning the delivery of POWER YIILE 3 portable electricity storage systems was published.
We began considering a joint venture with NTT Docomo based on a sensor platform.

National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE)

A press release concerning the adoption of large lithium-ion batteries for a NITE-operated large electricity storage battery testing facility was published.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

HY93 lithium ion batteries for motorcycles were chosen for the first time by Honda for its mass-produced motorcycles.