Message from the Chairman

“Our company’s dream is to do work that serves mankind and society.”

This is one of the “ELIIY Power Ten Credos,” the employee code of conduct I recite every month together with employees.
・We want to contribute to solving global environmental issues
 To prevent global warming, we want to contribute to solving global environmental issues by using energy in a more efficient manner.

・Electricity storage become an energy industry in its own right
 Stable electricity can be supplied with the use of storage batteries to hold electricity generated by various ways, from renewable energy and nuclear power generation to fuel cells and biomass power generation.

・Manufacturing businesses and monozukuri production are essential for the economy
 Retain factories in Japan and win on the strength of “Made in Japan” quality.
 Construct original full-automation factories where everyone can work regardless of gender, age or disability.

・Unless elderly people work, Japan with its dwindling birthrate and aging population is not sustainable
 Achieve collaboration between the young and the elderly by starting new businesses.
It was based on these aspirations that in 2006 at the age of 69, I founded ELIIY Power together with three younger partners including Kiyomoto Kawakami (in his 30s) and Kei Oda (in his 20s). Our aim was to tackle the widespread adoption of safe, large lithium-ion batteries. We have been helped along the way by Special Advisor Hideo Sanada (former executive vice president), Mr.Yagi, Mr.Nagashima, Mr.Shimbo and others who have stepped down from active roles, retired or moved from other jobs, and today ELIIY Power has gathered a fantastic team numbering more than 330 under President Tetsuji Ogawa.

The equipment industry requires significant funding for battery development, plant construction and system development. Making appeals based on the company’s aspirations, I gained the support of 32 companies promoting ideas that we recognize today as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment, and to date we have accumulated investments of around 33.6 billion yen, allowing us to expand operations.

ELIIY Power has developed and mass produced world-class batteries for stationary use, won the support of Daiwa House Industry and other shareholders to create the electricity storage market. While the burden of depreciation and amortization continues at our large plant, we have gained the understanding of shareholders and our major facilities had been fully depreciated by the end of last year. Now it is time for real competition.

The large lithium-ion batteries ELIIY Power develops and manufactures produce no fire or smoke even if punctured with a nail, crushed, or overcharged. Boasting world-class safety and performance, in 2011 our batteries obtained product certification based on the safety standards established by the global third-party accreditation authority TÜV Rheinland, which is based in Germany. ELIIY Power will pursue further safety improvements in the future and is currently developing a Next Generation Battery, with mass production targeted for 2025.

Moving forward, we will continue to contribute to the world by providing solutions to environmental problems and energy issues.
Hiroichi Yoshida
Representative Director, Chairman and CEO