Fully Automated Plant

Improving quality and productivity with a fully automated production system without human intervention

At ELIIY Power's plants, all processes have been fully automated, with batteries being produced in a clean environment. When constructing the plant, we envisaged a pharmaceutical factory. Eliminating manual intervention prevents contamination with foreign matter and has created an extremely clean environment. Even a small amount of foreign matter can be directly linked to quality in batteries, making a uniform production system the most ideal.

Since ELIIY Power was founded in 2006, there have been zero incidents caused by batteries. We have maintained high levels of safety by setting up a fully automated production system. As the workload is light, the work environment is also comfortable for elderly employees.

Fully Automated Processes

Electrode Manufacturing

The process of mixing several types of powders and liquids that make up the ingredients of electrode materials (cathode and anodes) is referred to as "kneading." These materials are usually mixed together in a large kiln, but ELIIY Power has developed a proprietary technology enabling the materials to be mixed uniformly. As the process involves handling powders, if performed manually the powder would inevitably dirty the floors and walls, but the completely unmanned process has achieved a clean environment.

The paste-like material (slurry) that results from mixing in the kneading process is coated onto a metal foil. As uniformity in the coating is linked directly to quality, this is an extremely important process. After the metal foil coated with the slurry has dried, it is compressed to the designated thickness.

Assembly of Battery Cells

Cut and dried electrodes are stacked in an anode - separator (insulator) - cathode arrangement and put together. This method is known as the stack system. Another method is known as the rolling system, where the electrodes are rolled into a cylinder. Compared with the rolling system, the stack system creates less dead space inside the battery, making it possible to increase the energy density as much as possible. We have succeeded in dramatically improving productivity during manufacturing using a proprietary technology to stack materials in the anode - separator (insulator) - cathode arrangement.
After this, the stacks are placed into cases for welding and inspection. An electrolytic solution is poured in and the batteries are shipped after charge/discharge inspections.
ELIIY Power's high-quality batteries are manufactured under this strictly controlled environment. Moving forward, we will continue to with further improvements and development with the aim of world-class quality.