Realizing a society based on electricity storage

ELIIY Power's vision to create a society centered on electricity storage systems

In addition to providing backup sources of power during disasters, batteries play an important role in building a sustainable society, such as stabilizing sustainable energy and maintaining the balance between electricity supply and demand.

ELIIY Power's storage batteries and their future role

We work to build an electricity storage-based society centered on storage batteries and help reduce the impact on the environment while ensuring the stable supply of electricity during disasters.
Virtual power plants (VPPs)
Testing is currently underway in conjunction with Kansai Electric Power and Tokyo Electric Power on services that control storage batteries spread over various locations together and operate them like a single power plant.
IoT Services
We are developing remote monitoring and control-enabled smart homes by combining storage batteries with wireless routers and adding various sensors to utilize them as information and energy platforms.
Since ELIIY Power was founded in 2006, we have strived to create a sustainable society through the widespread adoption of large and safe lithium-ion batteries.
Carbon Neutrality
We aim to build a decarbonized society by spreading the utilization of storage batteries.
Disaster Control
We offer models equipped with UPS power supplies that provide uninterrupted power supply even during power outages and can also be used as a backup power source during a disaster.