Corporate Identity

Origin of the company name

The Idea Behind Our Logo

The logo symbolizes the idea behind our company.

The three vertical bars represent a cathode, a separator, and an anode respectively, while the star in the upper left represents lithium-ion.

The blue color represents environmentally friendly, next-generation energy.
The three freestanding pillars symbolize the key elements of lithium-ion storage batteries.
The five-pointed star expresses our strong desire to create products that stand apart from those of other companies.

The whole is laid out according to the golden ratio.
An expression of eternal beauty, the golden ratio represents the fact that ELIIY Power is a future-oriented next-generation energy company focused on finding the right balance for our planet and its people.

The design of all our employees' business cards and our "POWER YIILE PLUS" electricity storage system also employs the golden ratio.