Key element technology of ELIIY Power’s battery cell

As a pure large lithium-ion battery cell manufacturer for stationary use, ELIIY Power has promoted its Research and Development primarily focusing on the safety as single battery cell basis.
We introduce our underlying key element technology which has attained high safety and high functionality.

Specification and feature of ELIIY Power’s latest- model battery cell

■Battery cell type

■Rated capacity*

■Nominal Voltage


■Mass-Energy Density

W170.5 x D45.0 x H111.9 (mm)
(maximum value including terminal components)

■Usable Temperature Range
-20°C to 60°C
*Notation based on JIS C8715-1
・High safety approved by international certification authority
・High durability and long life working with frequent full-charging/discharging
・Wide range of available temperature applicable to various use cases
・Anode material free from rare metals such as cobalt, nickel, etc.

Three Reasons Customers Choose ELIIY Power (Three Main Features of ELIIY Power’s Batteries)

Reason 1: Among the safest in the world
First and foremost, at ELIIY Power we pursue development that places top priority on safety. By ensuring safety at the battery cell level, we have achieved world’s highest level of safety with batteries that produce no fire or smoke even if punctured with a nail, crushed or overcharged.
See our section on World-class Safety to learn more.
Reason 2: Reassuring long life
Our battery cells have achieved long service life, with 70% capacity retention* even after repeated use for 15 years of full-charging/discharging (approximately 17,000 times). You can feel secure about using them for a long time.

* Battery cell type: PD50S06
This is an estimated service hour of the battery cell at room temperature (25℃), charging current 48.5A (1C), 3 cycles/day (DOD=100%). The capacity retention of the battery cells may change depending on the usage condition of the energy storage system (e.g. frequency of charging/discharging, operating environment, etc.). The actual electrical capacity of the energy storage system may differ from the total electrical capacity of the battery cells built into the system because of the system usage condition.
Reason 3: Excellent temperature characteristics
Our batteries various usage conditions to ensure they can demonstrate stable performance across a wide range of temperatures from -20°C to 60°C.
See our section on Excellent Temperature Characteristics to learn more.
ELIIY Power’s electricity storage system is equipped with large lithium-ion batteries and adopted by many companies such as Daiwa House Industry, SECOM, NTTdocomo due to its high safety and performance.

ELIIY Power’s Track Record