Reason 1: Safety

  Battery cells that achieve world-class safety

エリーパワーの電池セル First and foremost, at ELIIY Power we pursue develop that places top priority on safety.
  Electricity storage system are used in familiar parts of daily life in homes, businesses, facilities and elsewhere. Because of this, we have developed batteries that demonstrate world’s highest level of safety and do not produce smoke or fire even when punctured with a nail (internal short circuit), crushed or overcharged, in keeping with our philosophy that “the battery itself must be safe.

The pursuit of built-in safety

ELIIY Power ensures safety from the individual battery cell level.   In general, lithium-ion batteries monitor and control voltage and temperature in order to offer safety assurances through system control provided by a battery management unit (BMU). However, as there is a possibility of the BMU itself suffering damage or mulfunctioning, a BMU alone cannot be described as an adequate safety measure.
  For this reason, ELIIY Power believes that it is very important to ensure safety from the individual battery cell level.

The safety of battery cell units is critical

Dependable Safety Backed by a Global Certification Body

TÜV-S MarkSeal of safety and reliability issued by TÜV Rheinland

Offering peace of mind even during a natural disaster or unexpected accident   We conduct stringent safety tests that envisage disasters such as earthquakes and fire, and other unexpected accidents. In fact, our large lithium-ion batteries were the first in the world* to pass the product safety tests designed by TÜV RheinlandLink, a global accreditation body.
  * Safety Standard Certification (Abuse Test Manual for Lithium-ion Cells v. 2:2011)
Our batteries demonstrated that they produce no smoke or fire across eleven tests.

Passed stringent tests on 11 criteria

  Since its founding, ELIIY Power has maintained a safety record of “zero major accidents caused by batteries.
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Battery Cell Testing Footage

  Bullet Penetration Test (YouTube) Link
A bullet penetration test was conducted to demonstrate that the battery cell does not produce smoke, catch fire or explode even when penetrated with a bullet.

  1. World-leading safety​​2. Reassuring long life3. Excellent temperature characteristics