Reason 2: Long Life

  Reassuring long life even when used daily

ELIIY Power’s battery cells achieve longer life due to factors such as battery materials and optimized structure.   Generally, by nature the electricity storage capacity of a storage battery declines each time a charge-discharge cycle is repeated. A characteristic of ELIIY Power’s battery cells is that the drop in electricity storage capacity is less pronounced, even when the battery cell is subjected to repeated use. Additionally, to prepare for the high durability demanded of storage batteries for stationary use, our battery cells also support the future VPP (Virtual Power Plant) market.

Battery capacity retention rate 70% even after use of 15 years*

Battery capacity retention rate of 70% even after 15 years of usage Our battery cells have achieved long service life, with 70% capacity retention* even after repeated use for 15 years of full-charging/discharging (approximately 17,000 times). You can feel secure about using them for a long time.
  * Battery cell type: PD50S06
This is an estimated service hour of the battery cell at room temperature (25℃), charging current 48.5A (1C), 3 cycles/day (DOD=100%). The capacity retention of the battery cells may change depending on the usage condition of the energy storage system (e.g. frequency of charging/discharging, operating environment, etc.). The actual electrical capacity of the energy storage system may differ from the total electrical capacity of the battery cells built into the system because of the system usage condition.


Supporting for the VPP Market

With their excellent long life and durability, ELIIY Power’s battery cells can be repeatedly charged and discharged multiple times per day, and also support future electricity trading such as VPP* markets.
  Related Links ELIIY Power’s VPP Initiatives   * VPP stands for Virtual Power Plant. With a VPP, storage batteries, solar power generation, electric vehicles and so on are subjected to integrated control using IoT, and are made to function as if they were a single power plant.

  1. World-leading safety​​2. Reassuring long life3. Excellent temperature characteristics