Remote Monitoring Technologies

To ensure that our customers can use electricity storage systems for a long period of time with feeling reassured, ELIIY Power produdts are equipped with communications functions, offering the customers “Go-anshin Service” that monitors the operational status of systems 24-hours a day, year-round.

By checking the operational status of systems remotely, ELIIY Power can detect faults in advance, and in case of malfunction, instantly confirm the issues and provide support. System software updates can also be performed automatically.

All electricity storage systems have been equipped with communications functions since the founding of ELIIY Power*1

Starting with the POWER YIILE portable electricity storage system that entered mass production and sale in September 2010, all electricity storage system products*1 offered by ELIIY Power have been equipped with communications functions, with numerous units installed all over Japan.

*1 Except for the ELIIY ONE portable electricity storage system.
ELIIY Power’s cumulative shipments of electricity storage systems
・Battery control through a microcomputer
・Equipped with a remote monitoring function tracking the status of all batteries at a central management center
・Monitoring the operational status of systems in case of a disaster such as earthquake or fire