Motorcycle Starter Battery "HY93"

High Safety, Wide Operating Temperature Range, and Long Cycle Life

HY93 is a lithium-ion motorcycle starter battery that meets all the requirements of a starter battery in terms of safety, excellent startability and long cycle life. The HY93 is based on the core technologies that ELIIY Power has built up in the field of stationary batteries to offer world-leading safety, long cycle life and wide operating temperature range.

Interchangeable with a lead-acid battery, maintenance free and can be left unused for a long period of time*

HY93 is a lithium-ion motorcycle starter battery that is interchangeable with a lead-acid battery. In the past, lead-acid batteries have been used as motorcycle starter batteries. However, the drawback to lead-acid batteries is that they die if unused for a long period of time, requiring users to recharge batteries regularly during winter or prolonged storage. Lead-acid batteries also have a short life and need to be replaced every few years.

Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, have the advantage of being more compact and lightweight than lead-acid batteries, and having low self-discharge and a long cycle life. However, the downside is that when used as starter batteries, lithium-ion batteries are inferior to lead-acid batteries in terms of safety, engine starting performance at low temperatures and the deterioration is also a problem when charging at low temperatures.

ELIIY Power solved these issues with its own technologies and developed a starter battery that could start an engine in the wide temperature range from cold (-10°C) to hot (65°C). Even in an environment at -10°C, HY93 demonstrates powerful engine starting performance.
* There is no guarantee that the HY93 is maintenance free under all conditions since it relies on the dark current flowing through the vehicle when the engine is stopped.

High level of safety recognized by Honda and TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd., a global third-party testing and certifying body

A starter battery is a product that may come into direct contact with users' hands and a high level of safety is, therefore, required. The HY93 battery cleared Honda's strict quality standards and also acquired safety certification* from TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd., a global third-party testing and certifying body.
* ECE R 136: 2016 Part Ⅱ(Clause 6), GB/T 31485: 2015 Clause 6.3.8, IEC 60529: 1989+A1+A2 Clause 14.2.6 (IPX6)

The HY93 battery has a BMU (Battery Management Unit) built in the battery pack to enhance safety not only in terms of the battery but also in terms of system control. It also has a PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) resin external coating, offering excellent durability and environment resistance.
* This product has been adopted by Honda in its "CBR1000RR Fireblade SP/SP2" sport bike.
* This product is not sold to the public at the moment. Regarding future sales, it will be announced in our web site.

Major Specifications

Product Name/Model HY93
Size W112×D70×H93 mm
Weight 1.05kg
Storage Battery Capacity 4.5Ah
Rated Voltage 12V
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 65 °C
CCA 85A or more