The 10 Eliiy Power​ Principles

1. Let's dream, both in work and in our everyday lives​
  Let's keep challenging ourselves to reach a higher level​
  Small everyday changes lead to huge reforms​

2. Our dream is to contribute to mankind and society

3. For the society, clients, shareholders and employees
  We must generate results for all our stakeholders​
  The key to this is to satisfy as many clients as possible​
  The key to this is to develop products that are better than our peers,​
  and to do things for our clients that our peers do not or cannot do

4. Set priorities in your work.  What is most important?

5. Consider all your actions both from the long and short perspectives​
  Even if things are OK today, will it cause problems in the future?

6. There is no wisdom stronger than credibility and sincerity​
  Be fair and square.  Don't hide or disguise​
  Is it good for society?  Is it good for our clients?​
  Can you be proud of your work?

7. Voice your opinion if you think you're right​
  Do not easily compromise​
  The right opinions make our company stronger

8. Let's report everything​
  Have the courage to be scolded for your mistakes​
  Small secrets lead to big failures​
  Little pieces of information lead to big successes​

9. Let's start by greeting each other in a loud voice​
  Be polite, follow the rules​
  Following the rules comes first in all work

10. Always be thankful to others​
   Treat your co-workers with respect​
   Consider other people's feelings