Specific Activities

[Specific Activities]
- Establishing collection and processing system to enable recycling
Since its founding, ELIIY Power has had its sights set on the establishment of a recycling system. In July 2013, we were the first in the lithium-ion battery industry to obtain certification for wide-area collection and transport of general and industrial waste from the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan, allowing us to collect and process electricity storage systems nationwide (excluding Okinawa) over a wide area.
The disassembly and recycling process of lithium-ion batteries requires expert knowledge. Based on this certification, ELIIY Power carries out these tasks in a safe and environmentally friendly way. As all of the waste materials and components extracted from battery cells are recycled into steel, copper, aluminum, plastics and so on, this process does not involve landfill disposal.
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ELIIY Power Obtains Certification for Wide-Area Collection and Transport of General and Industrial Waste from the Ministry of the Environment.
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