Product Reuse - Basic Policy

The recent growth of environmental and social awareness has been expanding the market of energy storage systems (ESS) and electric vehicles (EV) and has initiated the acceleration of the proliferation of batteries - such as rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

As the demand of second-life (see Note, hereinafter referred to as “reused”) batteries with sufficient capacity for use after ending their first life have been increasing, the first standard to determine the state of health (SOH) of the used batteries for secondary use, ANSI/CAN/UL1974 Ed.1, has been issued this October.

Ever since its establishment, ELIIY Power CO., Ltd. (hereinafter, referred to as "ELP") has been providing cells, modules, battery systems and energy storage systems (ESS) for stationary use and for starter batteries and safety is prioritized as ELP philosophy, from R&D to the end-of-life. Today, ELP would like to announce the basic policy to ensure safe use of used ELP products as follows:

・ELP prohibits reuse of ELP products, including but not limited to cells, modules, battery systems, ESS and starter batteries for motorcycles unless otherwise, authorized by ELP.
・The specifications and/or nature may differ depending on the manufacturing date even when externally, the ELP products may look identical. Unauthorized use of these products may cause misuse leading to incidents.

Due to the above, ELP prohibits the reuse of any ELP products as a whole or as a part regardless of the purpose, location, etc, including use of fresh or reuse of non-ELP products as a whole or as a part of ELP products, unless otherwise approved by ELP.

ELP does not hold any responsibility and/or liability nor will compensate for any loss caused by products using reused ELP products as a whole and/or as a part without ELP's authorization.
Note: "Second-life" products includes all of which that may be referred to as, however not limited to, "used", "reused", "rebuilt", "remanufactured", "refabricated", and "repurposed". Kindly note that this also includes usage of such products, even after it is disassembled into components such as modules and further disassembled into electronic part(s) and/or cells(s) (hereinafter, referred to as “smaller component(s)”). This may include but is not limited to:

・when the components are reassembled into the same or a different type of product
・when the components, reassembled from smaller components in a different combination, are reassembled into the same or a different type of product
・when the components are used for repair, replacement, and/or
Formulated January 15, 2019

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