Environment - Basic Policy

Basic Philosophy

By promoting the mass-production and widespread use of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, ELIIY Power supports the advent of a new energy society centered on electricity storage and control technology and carries out the vital mission of promoting renewable energy usage and contributes to sustaining and improving the global environment.
In order to achieve this purpose, we comprehensively tackle reduction of the environmental burden at each stage of the product lifecycle - from development and design through manufacturing, usage, and disposal - and, nothing is more important than receiving our customers' support from an environmental perspective.

Activity Guideline

With the aim of obtaining ISO14001 certification, we set forth the following principles of action:

1.Constructing an environmental management system and establishing it as quickly as possible.
2.Setting voluntary environmental targets and striving to achieve them, under the principle of complying with environment-related laws and regulations.
3.Providing systematic environmental education for employees and striving to improve their environmental awareness.
Formulated January 26, 2013