Specific Activities and Goals

[Specific Activities and Goals]
- Development of a sustainable electric power infrastructure
VPP Business
- Current:      Development of mechanisms to effectively utilize renewable energy
- 2024 Goal: Launch of service in the demand-supply adjustment market (frequency adjustment)
■Case Study: Industrial Storage Battery Units for Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. ​
Eco-Friendly Office: Daiwa House Saga Building

Storage battery units from ELIIY Power were installed at Daiwa House Saga Building in Saga Prefecture, an office building that introduced a self-sufficient electrical power system to realize twice the energy efficiency (EP100) and 100% renewable energy (RE100). The building was adopted under the 2017 Net Zero Energy Building Demonstration Project implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Demonstration testing is being conducted as the first renewable energy-based self-sufficient office in Japan, and storage battery units from ELIIY Power are being used as part of the endeavor.

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