Specific Activities and Goals

[Specific Activities and Goals]
- Development of reliable and sustainable batteries
1. Development of batteries with high levels of safety

- Current: Extremely safe batteries (do not produce fire or emit smoke containing toxic gases even when punctured with a nail or overcharged)
- Goal: Achieving non-flammable batteries (development of batteries that use nonflammable liquid as the electrolyte)
2. Development of long-life batteries and improved sustainability
ELIIY Power aims to extend the maximum cycles to maintain capacity retention rate 80%
- Present:            more than 80% after 12,000 cycles (more than 70% after 17,000 cycles)*
- FY2025 target: more than 80% after 15,000 cycles
- FY2030 target: more than 80% after 20,000 cycles
* Battery cell type: PD50S06
This is an estimated service hour of the battery cell at room temperature (25℃), charging current 48.5A (1C), 3 cycles/day (DOD=100%). The capacity retention of the battery cells may change depending on the usage condition of the energy storage system (e.g. frequency of charging/discharging, operating environment, etc.). The actual electrical capacity of the energy storage system may differ from the total electrical capacity of the battery cells built into the system because of the system usage condition.
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