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Future Vision of Electricity-Storing Society

The promotion of electricity storage systems will lead to the resolution of various problems.
In recent times, attention has been focused on renewable energies such as solar (sunlight) power systems, wind power, and pumped-hydroelectric power generation due to electricity supply shortages caused by nuclear power station stoppages in Japan.

However, an issue with renewable energy is that the amount of generated electricity is not stable.
Thermal power generation has been resumed in order to stabilize the electricity supply, but global warming is a concern due to the resulting increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Combining "energy creation" through renewable energy with "energy storage" through electricity storage systems not only makes a stable energy supply possible - it also provides a backup measure in the event of power stoppages due to disasters and electricity shortages.

In order to realize a smart, ecological society that stores electricity and uses it wisely, ELIIY Power is pursuing the promotion of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries.

Making efficient use of nuclear-generated electricity, with which output adjustment is not possible,